A post card swap i did with the prolific Marianna Madriz

Yeah buddy! Here’s a nice swap I did with the talented Michael Driver as part of the Postcard Club! 

Whoever has been following my instagram will have seen this drawing by now, but here it is in its whole scanned-for-tumblr glory. It’s a little bit of an observational drawing I did in Otley park a few days ago, during a gorgeous sunny day. 

Postcard swap between the super awesome mollfairhurst (Top cat) and me (Bottom two) for chedwardbeaverdam ’s postcard-club

It’s cool to see how we used the same shade of yellow unknowingly! 

I love Molly’s postcard, it’s so painfully cute. Made me feel quite bad for cheating as I drew on an old scrap of screen print I did ages ago (shhhh). I tried making up for it by drawing a little portrait of Molly on the inside. 


Postcard between Molly Fairhurst and Marianna Madriz.

Postcard Club by Ed Cherverton.

A quick lady I drew for Amelia’s Magazine and her interview with Future Classics designer Julie Wilkins. You can read it here.

It’s been a crazy two weeks! Here’s a few reasons why:

1 & 2: I went on a little day trip to Old Harry’s Rocks with some friends, descending into the coast in Swanage. If no one has been I highly recommend it, it’s beautiful. I even managed to bathe in the sea! It was one of the best days, a perfect way to conclude my days as a student and bid farewell to Dorset for now. These great photos were taken by fellow graduate and friend Annabel Davis

3 & 4: On 27/06, I officially became a graduate! I spent a pretty emotional day dressed in wizard robes by the seaside alongside friends and family. Not only this, I also got a great surprise and got the Dorset Visual Arts prize.

5, 6 & 7: Soon after moving out of Bournemouth, I stayed in London for a week and prepared myself for two big exhibitions: D&AD New Blood and High Noon degree show. Both were great! I met and re-met so many people whose work I love, and who happen to be really friendly too. It was crazy, yet worth while. By the way, all of these photos were taken by Annabel too.

So, the question everyone has been asking me for 100000 times: What now?

I’ve moved back to the Midlands whilst I look out for opportunities and sort out what it is I want to do. I’ll be involved in a few projects and collaborations which I’m really excited for, and I’ll also prepare myself for a trip up north with Jonny to get to know Yorkshire.

And of course, I’ll keep drawing!

This is the start of a new personal era, so expect a lot of new things here soon.

A few drawings done in Tate Britain today!

Hey everybody! Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet, there’s been a heck of a lot going on recently. Just to let you know, I’m exhibiting in D&AD New Blood in London til tomorrow! If anyone is based here, by all means, come say hi!



This isn’t the best of drawings I’ve done, but it’s a lil mermaid I drew for Liam Barrett's Secret troll club. It's a bit creased after having it in my bag for a whole day in London, woops.

Have a look at it, there’s loads of cool trolls and magical beings there!

Anonymous asked: Olá! Obrigado pela resposta! :) Eu não esperava resposta de um artista. Já que gosta do português, então, te dedico essa música: w you tu be. co m/ wa tch?v =plO TKOJ32Os .

Gracias! aprecio mucho la canción, me encanta :-)

(For anyone wondering, I got recommended a lovely Portuguese song. I think everyone should enjoy it!)

I got my final degree result today everybody! I’m really proud and happy to say I’m graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Illustration! I already went to celebrate with a picnic in the beach. What a great day!