Anonymous asked: oh my goodness! Your little birds on that dress are so cute and so perfect!

How lovely of you! this little message made me happy after a pretty long and quite stressful day. Thanks anon!

I’ve been having fun screen printing this magical guys this week! Watch out for more soon.

So here’s another quick fashion illustration drawing I did recently, this time inspired by Ella May Leckenby and her lovely bird patterned dress, which you can see above. 

I should draw birds more often!

A bunch of new illustrations I’ve been working on for my children’s book project. Here we can find our hero in a pretty different setting: the big city!

I’m still not entirely sure about the colours/composition in some of these, but it’s all a learning process.

Some more curiosities and trivia about the things that inspired these images:

- The city is primarily inspired by two cities in Venezuela: Valencia (my home city) and Caracas (the capital). It probably is more heavily pictured in Caracas.
- The ‘mural’ of the two aztecs in the building by the right side it’s actually inspired by a real mural I saw in Mexico DF. 
- I like to think that the guy in the black suit and black hat is Jose Gregorio Hernandez, a Venezuelan physician who many people in Latin America attribute miraculous qualities.
- There are some cable cars on the left side. These in itself can pretty much be the cable cars that take you to the Avila National Park in Caracas.
- One of the billboards shows a bottle alongside an indigenous chief. This is kind of my own crappy ad for ‘Cacique’, Venezuela’s most famous rum. 
- The houses on the hill were inspired by the ‘barrios’ that cover many hills in Caracas. Although not a spectacular sight from up close, they always caught my attention and can look very fascinating from afar. I merged elements of mediterranean houses too, most commonly mountain towns like Deia or Valldemossa in Majorca.
- Also, the design for some of the hill houses are inspired by the “Villa Planchart”, a Venezuelan house positioned on a mountain top in Caracas. Itself a house on a hill, this is an architectonical masterpiece and one of my favourite things ever. You can find out more about it here.
- The flowers you can see are orchids. This is Venezuela’s national flower.

I started compiling a playlist of really old school Latin American music, which makes about the perfect soundtrack for this story. If you’re curious you can listen to it here.

I think that the moment our protagonist finds himself within the city, this is the song that would be playing:

You can click here to see the first five spreads.

Self portrait I created for my class’ end of year show website.

Check it out, there’s some absolutely stunning work!

I recently created this lady after Pictoplasma issued a call for entries for the upcoming 10th anniversary festival in Berlin. What they wanted was characters taking selfies, lots and lots of them!

I’m pleased to know that out of the 2500+ submissions she made the cut, and will be exhibited in a central installation in the festival alongside 499 successful (and I expect incredible) entries from all around the world! Best of all, I’ll get to see it in live flesh as I’ll be attending Pictoplasma this year for the very fist time. Hurray and exciting and all the good adjectives!

Here’s my entry for the YCN student awards for the Cath Kidston brief. As you can see, I did a school themed print :-) It was fun to draw!

These images are final double spreads to be included in my first little children’s book project! I’ve been working on the story of a humble cheerful musician who decides to leave his home in the countryside, and venture to another land he’s never been in before. This is all very loosely inspired in Simón Díaz, the Venezuelan musician who died recently and inspired this screen print. 

It’s been very challenging but also very fun! I’m getting to draw many nice Venezuelan things I love and are quite dear to me. These are just some of the things Ive referenced:

- The rural empty landscape is inspired by Los Llanos (The Plains) in Venezuela.
- A Garza Mora heron appears in the first image, which also appears in my screen print and in Simón Díaz’ Tonada de Luna Llena's song lyrics ('Yo vide una garza mora dandole combate a un río…').
- The little trees in the second image are based on the Araguaney, a yellow tree which is also Venezuela’s national tree.
- The cow and the butterfly on the second and third image are a little nod to Simón Díaz’ La Vaca Mariposa song, which directly translates to “The cow butterfly”.
- The little yellow birds surrounding the musician in the second image are Turpiales, also Venezuela’s national bird.
- The instrument he plays is a Cuatro, a typical Venezuelan guitar with only four strings.
- When I was very young there used to be a hammock inside my house and I’d always play or take a nap in it. I reckoned my protagonist needed a hammock to rest after a long day!
- As for the chickens, I don’t quite know. I just enjoyed drawing them in the first page so much I decided to put them everywhere.

I’ll upload more pages when they’re ready!

And I’ll leave this great song by Simon Diaz. I’m sure my character is singing it in there at some point.

The curse of a creative person.

Happens from time to time…
(especially when aimlessly browsing Tumblr / the internet for hours.)

Many thanks to all the great people in Tumblr who took part in my giveaway, liked it and shared it out! I used a random number generator website, and the winner is liisakaarsoo! A message has been sent and I should post over the prizes next week. Congratulations!

Now I’ll have to return to the dark shadows of my desk to fight the big amount of work I have to do. Nevertheless I’ll update the blog next week with a preview of one of the things I’m preparing. Exciting!

For now, have a doodle of a lady in a cool cape perfectly fit for spring time.