'SECOND' is on its way! Save the 24th October lovely people!

Illustration by Marianna Madriz.

If anyone resides in Cheltenham, I highly recommend you get down to this event in October! And better yet, look out for ‘Second’ by Opposite the Alley. It’s going to be full of great artists and risographed goodness, and I’m really happy to have my work in it!

Title: Marianna Madriz Artist: Comique Podcast 2 plays


Sam has a chat with illustrator and comic artist Marianna Madriz, author of Man from a Golden Land. We talk about comics and children’s books, self-publishing, social media and being your own editor.

Also a big thanks to Tomes who provides the music for the show. You can hear more of it at soundcloud.com/j-tomes.

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If you’re interested to hear what my voice sounds like, listen to this podcast! I get interviewed about my work and comics :)

I’m currently creating a comic that will be available through the soon to be launched Comique app. More updates on that soon!

It’s been a little while but here’s another postcard swap, and it’s a special one! This is between Frannerd (Top), and me (Bottom).

I met Fran months ago during the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin, and as soon as I saw her work I fell in love. Her illustrations are as lovely, funny and kind hearted as her, and I’m sure anyone who knows her will agree with me. I really recommend everybody to check her out (anyone Spanish speaking can follow her blog in Spanish here). Her vlogs are very fun too! 

Fran sent me a wonderful autumn themed postcard, very fit for this change of weather! She often draws herself with her two cats, so I thought that it’d be perfect to send her a very feline postcard back.

Muchísimas gracias Fran!

I recently reached 1000 followers on Instagram, and now I also reached 1000 followers on Tumblr! Thanks interwebs!

One day quite recently, I saw someone getting on the tube with a biiiiig plant. It was a sight which amused me and many other people around, at least for five seconds before the atmosphere was the same as any other evening in the underground. I’ve been wanting to draw that little scene in some way, and here it is! 

It was quite a challenge to replicate the inside of a public transport, but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. I hope I can do more images like this soon! 

Recently I saw a beautiful anime film called ‘5cm per second’, which prominently features a lot of trains and undergrounds. I seriously recommend it to anyone who’d like to watch something beautiful, visually and story wise. You can watch the trailer here.

Many thanks to my boyfriend Jonny for helping me a lot with this illustration, and for always sharing cool music and films with me. He was the one who showed me ‘5cm per seconds’, and also shared this great album with me whilst I finished inking the image.

Postcard swap with Lie Dirkx (top) and me (bottom).

We decided to theme our swap and make it about animals in roller skates. How fun!  My favourite is Lie’s super flexible octopus.  

I recently did a small spot illustration for an article by ShellsuitZombie, and you can find it in this month’s Creative Review magazine. I illustrated how ‘Starting your own business doesn’t have to be scary’.

Many thanks to Alex and Christina from SSZ!

Also thanks to Jess Procter for the photo.

Postcard swap between Jess Procter (Top) and me (bottom).

Jess’ arrange of plants were a very lovely thing to receive through the letter box today. It brightened my day instantly! It’s fun how we both used paper collage for our postcards.

A drawing inspired by one of my favourite films of all time: “Princess Raccoon”.

I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants something new and refreshing. It stars Zhang Ziyi, and you can watch the trailer here.

Postcard swap between Disa Wallander (Top) and me (Bottom).

Disa’s work is awesomeeee, everyone should really check her out! especially her Slowly Dying comic strips. I also fell in love with her exhibition space in the Brighton Show last month. She’s really nice, and I’m glad we did this little swap together!

She sent me a scene where a group of cannibalistic girls carry a body down a landscape, and I sent Disa a girl with a colourful shirt saying hey to her.