Recent doodles!

I very recently contributed to the new issue of the exciting GUTS zine, a small publication produced in Madrid by 12 students of the Universidad Complutense. The theme was ‘Jacuzzi’, so it’s naturally filled of everything that reminds us of good ol’ lazy summer days. 

I’m very happy to have been invited as a guest alongside Inma Lorente and Ghosttthead, and to be featured amongst such amazing talent. 

If you’re interested in buying Guts #4, don’t hesitate to contact them! Meanwhile, you can get previous issues in their online shop, and check a little video of their launch night, which looked great! 

Super gracias to the awesome Andrés and Tatiana for inviting me to take part!

After much delay, I’m happy to say

°☆. I FINALLY opened my Etsy shop! °☆.

You’ll be able to find my Charmer t-shirts & totes, a few copies of 'Man from a Golden Land', limited copies of my new zine GALS, prints, screen prints and more!

I’ll be selling many more new items soon, so keep an eye out!

Please feel free to browse, share with your friends and (why not!) buy a few things for yourself! 


Postcard swap between Jayde Perkin (Top) and me (Bottom). Although we didn’t really decide a theme, we both went for very sunny images, as a way of waving goodbye to the summer! 

(I really wish it was summery still. It’s so miserable and rainy today…)

I managed to meet Jayde this weekend gone in Bristol, and she’s mega lovely, just like her work! Check it all out in her blog here.

Some people may have seen it already on my various social media sites, but here it is! A collaborative textile piece created between me and Silvana Madriz (aka my mom).

Inspired by Mexican tenangos, designed by me and embroidered by her.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might know that I’ve recently been working on a little zine full of girls. Well, it’s done and printed! And its name is ‘GALS’.

I’ll be selling limited copies in Bristol Comics Zine Fair this weekend in the Pop Up Zine Shop. The remaining copies will be available to buy online next Thursday 9th October via my spanking new (and much promised) Etsy shop! So keep your eyes peeled!

A foxy sneak peek for y’all. Winter will be soon knocking on our doors!

So this is “Snooze”, a semi abstract comic I did about loss, sadness and sleep. 

This was also my entry for the Jonathan Cape / Comica comic prize (finally! I’ve been meaning to enter it for years). Hope you enjoy!


'SECOND' is on its way! Save the 24th October lovely people!

Illustration by Marianna Madriz.

If anyone resides in Cheltenham, I highly recommend you get down to this event in October! And better yet, look out for ‘Second’ by Opposite the Alley. It’s going to be full of great artists and risographed goodness, and I’m really happy to have my work in it!

Title: Marianna Madriz Artist: Comique Podcast 49 plays


Sam has a chat with illustrator and comic artist Marianna Madriz, author of Man from a Golden Land. We talk about comics and children’s books, self-publishing, social media and being your own editor.

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