I recently did a small spot illustration for an article by ShellsuitZombie, and you can find it in this month’s Creative Review magazine. I illustrated how ‘Starting your own business doesn’t have to be scary’.

Many thanks to Alex and Christina from SSZ!

Also thanks to Jess Procter for the photo.

Postcard swap between Jess Procter (Top) and me (bottom).

Jess’ arrange of plants were a very lovely thing to receive through the letter box today. It brightened my day instantly! It’s fun how we both used paper collage for our postcards.

A drawing inspired by one of my favourite films of all time: “Princess Raccoon”.

I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants something new and refreshing. It stars Zhang Ziyi, and you can watch the trailer here.

Postcard swap between Disa Wallander (Top) and me (Bottom).

Disa’s work is awesomeeee, everyone should really check her out! especially her Slowly Dying comic strips. I also fell in love with her exhibition space in the Brighton Show last month. She’s really nice, and I’m glad we did this little swap together!

She sent me a scene where a group of cannibalistic girls carry a body down a landscape, and I sent Disa a girl with a colourful shirt saying hey to her.  

A sublime postcard swap with Galactic Black (Top two) and me (bottom). 

This is one of the sweetest pieces of mail I’ve received! Gal sent me a drawing (the first traditional one he’s done in over 10 years!) depicting my main character from my children’s book! How nice is that!?

I sent Gal a postcard featuring a lil’ lake with a floating character, and many fishes, and the lyrics to the Harpers Bizzare’s 59th Street Bridge Song.

(Just realised this is my 10th postcard swap documented online, woah!)

Postcard swap between Bethan Mure (top) and me (bottom). 

I met and made friends with Beth not very long ago in London, and we were more than up for switching a postcard together! She’s such a lovely spirit, and her colourful postcard featuring a little raccoon character is delightful. I sent her a drawing of a 60s smoky lady inspired by this photograph of Penelope Tree.

Recently I went for a little stroll near a lake, and sat down with my feet in the water whilst staring at the small waves. I thought it’d make a nice drawing. I also watched a Thai film recently called “Tears of the black tiger”, which was a mix of good and bad, but this scene stuck.

It’s the first time in a while I attempt something like this (BACKGROUNDS guys!), and I’m majorly pleased with it!

I spent a great amount of time listening to the Beatles whilst colouring in. I always forget how good their music is. This song is particularly special.

Ahhh… classic.

Great postcard swap with Ben Javens (first and second) and me (bottom). 

Ben has long been one of my favourite illustrators, so I’m really thrilled and happy that we’ve swapped artwork together! He sent me a yellow melancholic chap lying in the ground, with a lovely drawing in the back of his postcard as shown above; and I sent him a very very colourful lady. 

Another immensely lovely swap, this time between Cristina BanBan (first three photos) and me (bottom)! I had to take a photo of the envelope she sent me because it’s so mega cute. 

We decided to have a little theme in our swap, this being ‘every day activities”. She sent me a lady watering a plant (in a GORGEOUS paper!) and I sent her another lady walking her dog. As you can see, plants feature quite well here!

Anonymous asked: Hi there, I wanted to say I love your work! How did you get involved in the postcard club? I really want to get involved but I'm unsure how to go about it. Any advice would be great :D have a lovely day x

Hey Anon, thank you so much! I’m always honoured to hear someone out there likes my drawings.

About the Postcard Club, simply have a look at the long list of awesome members in the blog, and e-mail someone you’d love to swap a postcard with :) I started just by swapping a postcard with Ed, who runs the project. And then, after finishing uni, I started swapping with friends and illustrators who I’ve recently met, or that I’ve known online for a while and I really want to meet in the short future.

As the PC blog says itself “Once you have done a swap (with me or whoever) you’re a member of Postcard Club!”. So by all means, e-mail someone and take part that way!